6 Points To Help You Choose The Right Secondary School in Abu Dhabi

When choosing the school for your child, you should remember that children spend around 6-7 hours a day at school. When they spend so much time in school, you should choose the right secondary school in Abu Dhabi with a good academic experience and excellent staff. Choosing the right school will decide how the child perceives the world and plays an important role in shaping the child.

It is crucial that, as a parent, you should choose the perfect secondary school in Abu Dhabi to give your child a better future. But how do you know which school is good and how do you decide the school’s prospects? Ask your friends and families for recommendations.

But if you’re new to Abu Dhabi, you can do some research and look for certain points in each school. These points will help you decide which is the best secondary school in Abu Dhabi.

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This article briefly explains six main points that will help you choose the right secondary school in Abu Dhabi

1- The location should be closer to your home

The location and the transportation is a huge factor for many parents. If you’re opting for a school’s transportation facility, you do not have to worry about driving your child to and from the school. But if you plan on driving your child, you must choose a school closer to your home. This restricts you from spending too much time driving around the city. As a result, traveling will not bore your child and will give them extra time to study or be better at their hobby.

2- Check their school fees

Understanding the fee structure of schools in Abu Dhabi is very important. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a school with higher fees will provide the highest quality of education. You should be able to afford the fees of the school. It is estimated that the monthly fees of your children should not account for over 20% of your monthly income. If it is higher than that, then you should look for other schools. Some schools charge fees for the tuition and charge additional for the uniform, canteen, books, and other expenses. Therefore, understand the fee structure and know what exactly you are paying the fees.

3- Decide which curriculum is best suited for your child

There are several curriculums followed in secondary schools in Abu Dhabi. Understand the difference between them. Choose a curriculum according to your child’s potential and watch them grow up to be law-abiding and responsible citizens. The curriculum plays an important role in deciding the universities for higher studies and your child’s employment. One thing to remember is that the better the curriculum, the higher will be the fees charged by the school. The schools follow several curricula in Abu Dhabi, such as CBSE, IB curriculum, Japanese curriculum, UAE MOE curriculum, etc.

4- Take a tour of the school

You must take a school tour before enrolling your child in any secondary school in Abu Dhabi. The tour will help you understand the culture, principles, and vision followed by the school. You can also look at the infrastructure, the facilities, the playground, how the teachers behave with the students, the cleanliness, etc. This will help you identify the school’s strengths and weaknesses. During the tour, have a chat with the principal and know how they treat the students and their views about various aspects of schooling and teaching. Top Six keyway 

5- Have a chat with the teachers and look at their teaching standards

The way teachers behave and the school’s teaching standards speak volumes about how the school treats children. A good school will have an excellent teaching staff ready to help each child with all the queries. Look at the way teachers behave when children ask them doubts. If a teacher gets easily irritated, then it is not a good sign. Visit the school in Abu Dhabi during school hours and ask children about their experience at the school.

6- How tech-savvy is the school?

In today’s world, when the whole world was brought to a standstill due to the pandemic, all the schools started using new and innovative tech-savvy methods to teach their students. This ensures that the students don’t miss out on their education. Similarly, once the school resumes, check what new technologies the teachers are using to make their and children’s lives easier. The classroom should have enough appliances that will help the children learn quickly and more effectively. The teachers should make use of videos and animations to explain complex concepts. This method is scientifically proven and will help the students learn the concepts quickly without any issues. 6 Points To Help You Choose The Right Secondary School in Abu Dhabi.

Wrapping up
While looking for a secondary school in Abu Dhabi as a parent, it would be in your child’s best interest if you keep these points in mind. Subscribe alert to every news and opportunities online.

6 Points To Help You Choose The Right Secondary School in Abu Dhabi
6 Points To Help You Choose The Right Secondary School in Abu Dhabi