ADP marks

University Sargodha and Punjab all practical subjects papers marking detail. All interested candidates can read or view your relevant subjects. These all subjects must view for all relevant students. Because students confuse in paper and can’t gain more marks. APD ADS/ADA Part-I, II, or both part students follow these marks dividing by the university Sargodha and Punjab 2021. The new associate degree program (ADP) was start in 2020 and now the exam started, so read marks dividing for theory and practical subjects.

The Associate Degree Program (ADP) is a two-year degree offering after 12-year higher secondary school education (intermediate and equivalent) to candidates and is approved by the HEC. Moreover, follow the update syllabus, past papers and notes for best result.

There are following subjects marks dividing new pattern for ADP students more other some subjects same as old BA BSc.

ADP marks dividing
ADP marks

Relevant candidates can check subjects list for arts and science.

Is ADP a good degree?

ADP is skill-based and specially designed to prepare the young generation of Pakistan to learn practical knowledge of market strategies and practices in minimum time which will help in later entry into the professional environment. will provide and also help new graduates to become entrepreneurs. It is a degree similar to a BA BSc i.e. Bachelor of Science and Arts. So, this is the converter in these categories BA to ADA, BSc to ADS, and Bcom to ADC.

ADP is a combination of three-degree names as a single value of 14th-year education. In short, it is an undergraduate degree taught at the university level.

What is the difference between BS and ADP?

The most fundamental difference between a bachelor’s degree and an associate’s degree is the time it takes to complete the programs. Associate degrees are typically 2-year programs, while bachelor’s degree programs are typically 4 years and go more in-depth in a field of study.

Additionally, BS studies in a specific subject only and regular studies for 4 years in the 8th semester. ADP students can enroll as a private and it is an annual program for 2 years only. Apart from this, they can also attend the combined exam. ADP option to appear in regular/private and semester or annual system.

Is ADP recognized by HEC?

ADP program is similar to BA/BSc. The two-year degree program is named after the Associate Degree Program, approved and recognized by HEC