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Please read the publication carefully before contacting the editors. When writing your pitch, keep the following in mind:

  • Please take a closer look at the publication to gauge its style.
  • Be clear about where your proposed article will fit into the publication.
  • Gain a clear understanding of the general publication schedule.
  • Make it clear what kind of audience you have.
  • Also, Choose just one idea to pitch and make sure it meets publication requirements.
  • The short pitch should not exceed 200 words.


Atom is a digital platform and bi-monthly magazine that explores culture and climate. Director of environment and culture tweeted, “Today is the last day of Black History Month, but make sure that black storytellers, black artists, black storytellers, and black climate leaders I’m always taking pitches for Atmos. “They pay a flat rate of $ 500. Send Your Pitches at mail yessenia@atmos.earth and earn money

The Guardian

The Guardian is a media website and British News. The editors of its Saturday magazine are primarily looking for pitches on music, dance, theater, and comedy. However, They pay £ 326.21 1,000 Per word. Send Your Pitches at mail alex.mistlin@theguardian.com and earn money

The Wall Street Journal

Its journal provides news, business, politics, technology, real estate, arts, culture, and more from the United States and worldwide. Off-Duty Gear and Gadgets Editor is looking for stories about personal technology. Salary is 1% per word. Mail your Pitches at following address daniel.varghese@wsj.com and earn $.

Metro Opinion

It is Metro.co.uk’s platform. Their editor tweeted, “Looking for pitches regarding FIFA’s decision on Russia. Do you think this is police out? Should they go further? Is this an injustice to Russian players?” Possibly urgent change is needed. Prices start at £ 70 for 600 to 800 words. Mail your Pitches at following address ross.mccafferty@metro.co.uk and earn online money.

The Unwritten

It is an online magazine for people with disabilities. However, they are looking for a disabled child (approximately 9 to 13) in the UK to review Siri Burnell’s new novel Wilder Than Midnight. The rate is £ 75 for 700 words.

Now Then Magazine

It is an online magazine covering Sheffield’s local news and culture. They are looking for pitches for Trans Day of Visibility. However, Rates range from 60 to £ 100. Send Your Pitches at mail philippa@weareopus.org and earn money.

Better to Speak

It is “a community media platform that works with changemakers and young black storytellers and transforms silence into language and action.” They are receiving requests and patches from young black storytellers and writers. They embrace stories that empower and develop black youth:

“Focusing on our experiences and perspectives

Documenting our written and oral histories

Reclaiming statements about yourself and your community. “

They search for the following types of content, including unique articles interviews include Features, social, political commentary, cultural, and analysis; In-depth reporting; Latest News; How to guide Roundups, and descriptors. However, They pay $ 50 to $ 200 depending on the word. If Someone interested to work then send your pitches at mail count.stories@bettertospeak.org and earn online $.

Variable West

It is a platform for West Coast art. They are looking for pitches. However, there are five types: love letters, couples, why, artist interviews, and exhibition reviews.

Letters of love: We can’t stop thinking about 200-250 micro-word articles on artists. Rate: 50

Why: 200-300 word stories that impress West Coast creators. Rate: 50

Couple: “Art that makes us think about food and food that makes us think about art.” Rate: $75 for 300-400 words

Exhibition Artist Interviews and Reviews: For 600-800 word reviews and 2,000-word interviews, they are preparing on the theme “Staying With the Trouble a la Donna Haraway .”The price is $ 150.

The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times is a daily newspaper covering local news, politics, business, entertainment, travel, sports, and restaurants in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Their interim feature editor is accepting pitches. They’re basically “looking for interesting stories about multicultural communities here in the WA.” They pay about $ 0.25 per word. If Someone interested to work then send your pitches at mail cpaul@seattletimes.com and earn online $.

MIT Technology

It is a media company that explains the latest technologies’ commercial, political, and social implications. They look for CITY pitches: “How does technology improve the built environment? What enables the city to have dinner, shopping, and entertainment and deliver it to your doorstep?” Why? People try to build their cities from scratch, etc. They pay $ 1 to $ 2 per word for it. Mail your pitches at following address allison.arieff@technologyreview.com.

Men’s health

It is a magazine about fitness, health, sex, style, travel, and grooming. They pay up to 25p / word for digital features. Mail your pitches at following address keith.nelson@hearst.com.

The Fence

It is a free London-based quarterly magazine. They ship internationally but focus on life in Ireland and the UK. Moreover, They are open to pitches for the summer issue. In addition, They pay £ 150- £ 250 per piece for 1,000 to 1,500 words. Mail your pitches at following address editorial@the-fence.com.


It is a British online and print magazine dedicated to sharing the stories of colorful and non-binary women. They are open to submissions. The theme of their print edition is UTOPIA or DYSTOPIA. They are looking for features and articles in all of their sections to find out what “dystopia and utopia mean for our communities and beyond, and explore new possibilities for future.” Rates are around £ 150 for features (1,200 words) and £ 80 for comment pieces (600 to 800 words).


Discussions and articles on health, parenting, relationships, sex, and beauty, empower women. Their entertainment editor seeks to enhance their cultural content. She is particularly interested in “topics, reported pieces, including but not limited to: pop culture, popular life, social media, identity, power, and money.” Prices start at $ 300. Mail your pitches at following address lballhaus@shemedia.com.


It is a media company that publishes untold and original human stories. They’re looking for story patches about unique family-run businesses, “think ‘succession’ or ‘six feet under’ but with a more wide angle, like, we’re all black family businesses, especially women. They are interested in family businesses and others—Falak from unique backgrounds and stories from notable industries. ” Prices start at $ 500. The average length of their stories is about 2500 words. Mail your pitches at following address julianna@narratively.com.

Wide-open eights

It is “a place that celebrates honest home chefs who make the most of what they have, offering a variety of food and a variety of geographical dishes.” They are looking for an “environmental or horticultural author for some articles in March .”Rates start at $ 0.15 / word. Mail your pitches at following address lyndsay@wideopeneats.com.


It is a health information website. The editor is “looking for an author who has been living with eczema for over 15+ years to write an individual essay on how he has learned to handle this condition for so long.” Prices range from $ 200 to $ 300. The number of words is 600 to 1000. Send Your Pitches at mail mellee@redventures.com.


Fanfyte is the wrestling section of Fanbyte. They are looking for pitches to review Cesaro / Claudio Castagnoli’s tenure in the WWE. They are not necessarily looking for something critical about the company – they “would like it to be about its work first.” Their lists / interviews / reviews start at around $ 150, and the features start at around $ 250. Moreover, Articles and option aids cost about $ 200. Send Your Pitches at mail carrand@fanbyte.com.

Net Geo Travels

The Associate Editor of Net Geo Travel tweeted, “Looking for spring travel stories with the best and timely hook. Lean away from people / company profiles, galleries / lists, and food stories.” “We love relevant and timely travel content that gives an in-depth look at destinations, trends, and travel experiences through the National Geographic Lens of Science, Culture and History, Wildlife and Wildlife, Conservation and Community.” They will pay $ 800 to $ 1,000. Send Your Pitches at mail starlight.williams@natgeo.com.

Unbothered UK

The unbothered UK is a sub-brand of Refinery 29 for black millennial women. Moreover, Her newly appointed editors will commission stories that will entertain, challenge and inform black women and non-binary people in the united kingdom. They pay £ 180 to £ 250 per piece. Send Your Pitches at mail loreal.blackett@vice.com.

Dublin Inquirer

Dublin Inquirer is a reader-backed newspaper that serves the Irish capital. He is looking for a freelance reporter to write a weekly article on arts and culture in Dublin. The selected candidate will do thoughtful reporting on the ground in the city. Moreover, Rate: € 157.50 per reported piece.


It is a website that publishes news, guides, and reviews tabletop games and digital wargames. Their editor is always looking for features and directions to article pitches. For features, they usually pay £ 75 for 600 words, £ 150 for 1,000 words, and £ 200 for 2,000 words. The guide pays £ 75 for 600 words, £ 150 for 1,000 words, and £ 175 for 1,500 words. Send Your Pitches at mail alex.evans@wargamer.com.

Verywell Family

The Variety Family is a source of information about pregnancy and parenting. They are looking for a trans author and bizarre author to write about Florida’s ‘Don’t Tell Homosexuals’ Bill and Texas Investigating Parents Wanting to Care for Their Children’s Gender Verification. Authors should be from the United States, preferably from these states. However, the rate is $ 250 for about 800 words. Send Your Pitches at mail jdavidson@verywell.com.

African arguments

It is a pan-African platform that analyzes the continent’s problems, explores important stories, and raises different voices. They are looking for “bold, entertaining, imaginative, colorful reviews, lists, interviews, research, (photo) articles, features, analysis, (African) art and culture, creative industries, events, issues.” The average rate of eds is $ 150, and for the reported features, it is $ 200. Send Your Pitches at mail a.rotinwa@africanarguments.org.

Psych Central

It’s a modern, evidence-based tool for mental health information. We want to expand the “Freelance Writer Pool” to include more BIPOC, male, and LGBTQ + authors. However, The rate is $ 200- $ 300 / article. They are also interested in hearing from authors who want to share their “living experiences from a mental health perspective.” Send Your pitches at mail write@psychcentral.com.


Is this a digital magazine committed to making anthropology popular with a wider audience? They are open to submissions from anthropologists. They publish articles (1,000 to 2,000 words), op-eds (600 to 1,000 words), poetry, discussions (400 to 600 words), reviews (400 to 1,500 words), snapshots (400 to 1,200 words), and pictorial articles. Moreover, They pay 250 per piece as a honor.

The Good Trade

It is a community dedicated to “sustainability, self-love, and a sedentary life.” They are commissioning some new pieces. He is “particularly interested in the reported pieces with expert sources and interviews.” They would like to cover a few topics: renewable agriculture, hybrid / electric vehicles, and solar energy. Prices start at $ 300 for 800 to 1,000 words. Send Your pitches mail at kayti@thegoodtrade.com.

Dyspraxia Magazine

It is a UK-based magazine for people suffering from dyspraxia. They are accepting pitches for their next issue: “Is there a recent issue in the media that you would like to talk about, or support International Women’s Day? Then we will hear from you.” would like to.” They only accept pitches from disparate journalists or have work / personal relationships with disparate people. However, They pay £ 50 for 500+ words. Send Your Pitches mail at enquiries@dyspraxiamagazine.com

The editor of the science desk at Gizmodo

It is looking for freelance pitches on science / health / climate / math / weirdness. According to a tweet now deleted by their feature editor, However, they pay $ 500 for most features and $ 350 for smaller pieces. Send Your pitches at mail rose.pastore@gizmodo.com.

Stylist Magazine

It is a weekly magazine and a website for intelligent, successful and sophisticated women. Her fitness editors are accepting pitches for their strong women section: “Stories of growth and fitness please. Open to all sorts of things (think spring!) But for the weird sleep / gut related pieces. However, The rate is £ 150 for 800-1,000 words. They are always looking for non-white female partners. Send Your pitches at mail miranda.larbi@stylist.co.uk.