Good news about pro degree | MA education Equal to M.ed & B.ed

Good news about professional degree or MA education Equal to M.ed & B.ed. The department of education Government decided about MA education teachers are equal to M.ed. In addition, MA education is a professional degree. The candidates can apply for educators jobs or any others if have an MA education degree. No need to M.ed after passing the MA education. So it’s a great benefit for teachers’ promotion and also applying for new teacher jobs etc. Read More detail and with notification, the proof is given below.

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New notification about pro degree 2023

New notification about Med Bed and M education equal degree in 2023.

MA Education are equivalent to B.Ed., M.Ed., B.S.(Hons.) and B.Ed.(Hons.) in Education.
Therefore, a teacher recruited for the subject of education with MA (Education) in the Department of School Education will not require the further qualification of B.Ed or M.Ed. The MA (Education) degree is an academic as well as a professional qualification. So, No need of professional degree for education department.

New notification about Med Bed and M education equal degree

Recently Issued additional notification from the HEC in 2022.

New HEC Notification
New HEC Notification

Good news for teachers with MA education equal to M.ed & B.ed

 According to the details, there is good news for the teachers, teachers who had studied MA and did not have professional degree B.Ed and M.Ed will not fire from their jobs. Vocational education will be equivalent to B.Ed and M.Ed. The decision was taken in a meeting chaired by Special Secretary Muhammad Sohail Shehzad. Section Officer Regular Wangdal and Hassan, Director Zahoor Ahmed, Associate Professor Riaz Muhammad Khan were also present. The decision will benefit thousands of teachers across Punjab.

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Moreover, Fifty percent of teachers will need to enroll in college daily. Teachers will also need to keep their subject class plans up to date, while colleges will need to save student attendance screenshots from online classes. Student attendance records will sign daily by the Head of Department and the College Principal. In addition, Officials will check the recording of lectures to check the quality of online classes.
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Good news for teachers with MA education

MA education degree is Equal to M.ed & B.ed

The degree of M.A (Education) is equivalent to M.Ed. Government Punjab School Education Department | November 11, 2020

Minutes of the meeting of the Qualification Equality Determination Committee to determine both MA (Education) as professional and academic qualifications

The meeting of the committee was conduct under the chairmanship of Special Secretary (Operations) School Education Department, Government. Punjab, on 30.09.2020 at 12:00 noon in the committee room of the department to fix both M.A (Education) as professional and educational qualification.

However, the degree of M.A (Education) is equivalent to M.Ed and is also a higher degree than B.Ed. In addition, the MA (Education) curriculum covers more than the M.Ed requirements. Therefore, teachers who have been recruited for the subject of education with an MA (Education). So the School Education Department will not need further B.Ed or M.Ed qualifications. The MA (Education) degree can considered as an academic and professional qualification.

The MA (Education) degree can be considered as an academic and professional qualification.

MA education Equal to M.ed & B.ed

Is B.ed (1.5 or 2.5) education equal to MA education or M.ed ?

Simply answer yes according to education department and HEC.M.Ed / B.Ed (New) is equivalent to 16 years of education (MA).
B.Ed 1.5, 2.5 Year (NEW) and B.Ed (Hons) are also equivalent to M.Ed / MA education.
(Explanation: B.Ed for 1.5 years: Eligibility Master’s degree and Research / Thesis required.
B.Ed for 2.5 years: Qualification Bachelor’s degree and research/thesis required.
For B.Ed (Honors 4 years): Eligibility FA / FSC and Research / Thesis required.)
According to AIOU officials, all these new B.Ed courses will be equivalent to M.Ed or MA education in 2018 (as the first batch of B.Ed 1.5 years will complete its degree this year. Also, check fee structure for get admission in degree programs.

Good news for teachers with MA education or B.ed