HEC New Policy About BA/BSc/MA and PhD degree 2021

HEC New Policy About BA/BSc/MA/MSc and PhD degree 2021. HEC Islamabad issued student alert so that students do not take admission in 2 year programs.
As we know that BA BSC program were ban after 2018 and MA MSc program is after 2020 however, HEC gave 3 month extension because of cronavirus. so that Universities finalize admission for MA MSc programs till March 31,2021.

HEC New Policy 2021
HEC Chairmain news today about new policy

HEC Advice to Students about New policy

They advised to students that they do not enrolled in unauthorized degree programs such as 2 year BA BSc or MA, MSc program and they should not waste their precious time and money. These programs have been closed because there are many quality troubles.

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Disadvantages About HEC New BA/BSc/MA Policy

Only one or two universities have allowed to took admissions in BA/BSc programs. But these degrees will not beneficial for students in future for jobs. It is only beneficial for those universities so that they can earn money.

However Thousand Male/Female Students can’t afford Universities and college regular fees.

What say about HEC New Policy Universities and institutes?

According to sources, HEC and universities in the province have not develop any alternative system for private students, who are employ for various reasons or cannot get admission in colleges and universities.

Out of 30 public sector universities, the manuscript contained data from some people, according to which 30,000 students appeared as private candidates in the Bachelor of Arts (BA) examination conducted by Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan last year. The 25,000 students at the University of Peshawar, 20,450 at the University of Bannu and more than 11,000 at the Gomal University Dera Ismail Khan.
The same number of private candidates took part in the Master of Arts (MA) exams, ”the source said.

HEC and education department good news for professional education.

Universities said that….

He said that HEC had stopped private candidates from pursuing education at BA and MA level as it had replaced the four-year Bachelor of Studies program already launched across the province.

Initially, the HEC had directed universities not to admit private candidates for BA and MA examinations from December 31, 2020. However, at the request of the Vice Chancellors of Public Sector Universities, the HEC has extended this date to March 31, 2021. But Now this date continue till 2022.
So, Latest admission open in Sargodha university and AIOU.

Gomal University Vice-Chancellor Prof Iftikhar Ahmed told Dawn that the HEC has already issued a clear guideline for students pursuing BA / BSc degrees and seeking regular admission in MA / MSc. Didn’t provide the letter or was waiting for the exams as a private candidate.

Similarly, he said, HEC had not provided any guidelines for the students appearing in the third year BA / B.Sc examinations and would appear for the fourth year examinations next year. Who were awaiting the results of the fourth year of BA / BSc. Exams

More Universities Comments about Policy

“With the implementation of the HEC decision, I fear that we will do wrong against the government’s policy on access to education and the future of thousands of private students will be at stake,”

Iftikhar said.
Regarding private girls’ students, Prof. Iftikhar said that conservative families did not allow their female members to go out of their homes for education, so getting education for private candidates was a good option for them.

The senior University of Peshawar official told Dawn. That UOP had start distance education in 2010 for students who were unable to continue their formal education.

However more others all universities as same decision and want to continue private program.
Note: Many students ask or know about HEC New policy about BA BSc ADP BS program banned but its fake news not any official notification from the HEC. Its news or notification circulating on social or internet now a days. So please don’t create panic its clearly fake. All programs continue as same but only BA BSc Bcom degree name convert into ADA ADS ADC. All Two years admission dates will continue till 2022.
Updated 3th July 2021

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Transition period About New HEC Policy

HEC were allow to continuous these 2 year programs in a transition period. However, the decision to close both programs had been announces in 2004 and replace them with composite 4 year program.

Therefore, HEC was announced ADP as an alternative to the BA/BSc degree in 2011. ADP is equivalent to 14 years Education same as BA/BSc. Entitles graduates to get admission in the 5th semester of BS programs after fulfilling the admitting university’s requirements.
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HEC New Policy about Ph.d Students 2021

HEC New Policy About BA/BSc/MA and PhD degree. Chairman HEC Tariq Banuri has clarified that after 16 years of education one can get admission in PhD. The requirement of MS and M.Phil in PhD has been remove and after BS one can get admission in PhD directly.

HEC New Test registration open for Universities admission 2021.

In a press conference in Islamabad on Wednesday, Chairman HEC Tariq Banuri informed about the policy of undergraduate and M.Phil.
Moreover, he said that the value of degree in the country at present is doubtful. The aim of education should be to make the work successful.
Regarding PhD, Chairman HEC Tariq Banuri said that there were many complaints in PhD. But now universities have to work hard for doctoral studies. Chairman HEC Tariq Banuri clarified that after 16 years of education one can get admission in PhD. The requirement of MS and M.Phil in PhD has been abolished and admission in PhD directly after B.Sc. Can take.

HEC Notification for New Policy 2021
HEC New Policy About PhD degree 2021

HEC Notification 2021

Chairman HEC Tariq Banuri said that after leaving the university, students face difficulties in finding a job. The first concern of the people was that there was no practicality in degree education but now the practical curriculum has also been included in the degree.
Chairman HEC Tariq Banuri stressed that the country’s universities are require to provide internships to students and promote extra-curricular activities. Apart from this, students should also be given internship education in which the condition of practical work has been made mandatory.

HEC New Policy About BA/BSc, BS MA or more
HEC New Policy About BA/BSc/MA and PhD degree 2021

Also Can check full detail of PhD policies in PDF file of HEC. Download

BA/BSc Policy

However, New Policy About BA/BSc/MA and PhD degree From HEC said that social science courses would be including in the degree. The former BA and BSc degree is called Associate Degree. ADP while the Associate degree is an alternative to BA and B.Sc.

BA/BSc/MA Admission Will continue or not after HEC New Policy ?

Universities have been given a grace period of three months to complete the final examinations of BA / BSc. Any exams before March 31, 2021 will be considered 2020 exams.

Similarly, the last date for admission in the last group of MA / MSc programs has been extend to March 31, 2021. So that BA / BSc students can apply for admission.
However, Many Students Confused about this policy. But don’t worries, this policy is not official accept right now and all enrolled students can get full chance to appear and will continue. So BA/BSc the name of ADP admission open from many well reputed and govt universities. MA/MSc Admission will continue till 31th March 2021 and more chances to next till 2022.

In addition, holders of a BA / BSc degree are allow to apply for admission to the third year or fifth semester of the BS program, subject to completion of the Burging semester or any additional course requirements Can enforce Any student who misses the deadline for admission to MA / MSc programs can apply for admission in the third year (5th semester) of the BS program, which is a much better choice. Get free News Alert

Therefore, Latest students has offered either directly in the 4-year BS program. Or also, in the 2-year associate degree programs, which are offered through accredited campuses, constituencies and affiliated colleges to replace the old BA / BSc programs. Yes, can do.
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HEC New Policy About BA/BSc/MA and PhD degree 2021
HEC New Policy About BA/BSc/MA and PhD degree 2021