HEC Notification About BA/BSc Degree verification

HEC Notification About BA/BSc Degree verification issue. Many students are dissatisfied with the BEC / BSc degree HEC notification. We are just confirming and clear. All of us students are asked to read and understand this.

However, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has announced. So that it will not recognize two-year bachelor’s degrees issued to students enrolled in such programs after the December 31, 2018, academic year.
The HEC said in a notification issued on Tuesday, “Students enrolled in these programs after the [two-year Bachelors] Degree December 31, 2018, will not be recognized by the HEC.

The Detail of discussion HEC Notification About BA/BSc Degree verification

It further says that “Universities / Degree Institutions (DAIs) have direct not to enroll in two-year BA / BSC [Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science] programs.”

The notification said that despite the decision of HEC to conduct two-year BA / BSc programs after the academic year 2018. So these programs are still affiliate to universities, DIAs, and their affiliates. Colleges offer.
In 2019, the HEC announced that it would replace the two-year BA / BSc program with a new post-secondary program – called the Associate Degree (AD). The notification specifically stated that BA-BSc programs would discontinue soon. “

However, this notification is authentic and official, but students are misunderstood.
It states that those who enrolled in two-year programs before December 31, 2018. So this will allow to complete their BA, B.Sc. But those who have so far failed to complete their course will be awarded an associate’s degree upon completion of the course.
The HEC said the associate degree program was intend to provide a general education. So that is “widely applicable and helps students gain market skills.”
The HEC is a legal body whose primary functions are to fund, oversee, regulate and recognize higher education institutions.

Now Degree verified or not after this notification ?

Yes verified and recognise if the following any condition…..

  1. You Have student of any Govt or public University.
  2. Your admission in 18-2020 session.
  3. Your Degree name of ADP So you can get admission.
  4. Degree will continue with the name of ADP So don’t worry only change the name.

Therefore, Changed the two-year BA / BSc degree name to ADP (ADS / ADA / ADC) a few months ago. The ADP program is similar to BA / BSc. The two-year degree program is name after the Associate Degree Program, approved and recognized by the HEC. Not all students will concern about this notification if all conditions are meet.
I hope there is no confusion after reading this, but you can contact us if you have any questions.

Note: We will full responsible of our Students about admission and degree. So degree will verified by the HEC 100%.

HEC Notification About BA/BSc Degree verification