How to Apply for rechecking to University?

How to Apply for rechecking to University? Paper rechecking means again collecting or revising marks in the applied subjects. In paper rechecking only counted marks again collected or not tick Questions marks marked. Paper rechecking application download and print any Photoshop. You have to apply for rechecking of papers within 30 days after the declaration of the result.

However, all detail and procedure for Sargodha University , Punjab, BZU, IUB, AIOU etc students private and regular. Also, More other University Students can check all procedure because as common method for all Universities or contact us .

Term and Rules for rechecking papers

  • In the case of Practical subject, So paying a separate fee. 1300 / – for theory. 1300 / – for practical of the same paper, ie total 2600 for one practical subject.
  • Candidates must attach a specimen of their handwriting in Urdu/English consisting of at least ten lines each with this form.
    • Candidates can send hand written Application for rechecking because it’s same as sample.
  • Application must submit in 30 days from result declaration date.
  • While re-checking does not mean re-evaluation / re-evaluation / re-marking of the paper. The Controller of Examinations will form a panel / committee for re-examination of the paper consisting of at least three members (concerned HOD, Subject Expert, a Senior Officer Examinations as Secretary).
    • The panel / committee will take / verify the following steps:
      • No part of any answer is left unmarked.
      • The sum of the different parts of a question is correctly formed at the end of each question.
      • All the totals are presented correctly on the title page of the paper.
      • There are no computational errors in Grand Total.
      • Student’s handwriting in question / answer book (in case of offline paper)
  • The student has no right to view or examine the paper for any purpose.
    • But Punjab University Allowed to views answer sheet for candidate
  • A student’s score may increase / decrease in the light of (3) (c) / (d) above; The result will be corrected / updated accordingly.
  • In case of increase in numbers as a result of re-checking requests, re-checking fee will be refunded.
  • The decision of the university will be final.
  • Paper recheck or answer book response from the University next 40 days after submitting application.
    • You will receive a letter during this time period. OR
    • University will invite you for your answer book review.

Rechecking Fee structure for Universities

  • The prescribed rechecking fee for Sargodha University is Rs. 1300/– per paper.
  • Punjab University fee for recheck per paper Rs. 1840/
  • BZU Per subject fee Rs. 2000/– for per paper.
  • IUB Fee for normally Rs. 1000/– and Urgent for 15 days Rs. 2400/-
  • AIOU fee Rs 700/- only for paper rechecking.

What are Requirements for rechecking?

  • Please attach an attested photocopy of the result card.
  • Incomplete form not entertain.
  • Candidate must be apply before deadline or 30 days after result declaration.
  • Document required as under:
    1. Hand written application or any paragraph in English or Urdu.
    2. Candidate CNIC copy
    3. Detail Marks certificate (DMC)
    4. Original paid fee challan (Department copy)
    5. Application form (download official site of University)
How to Apply for rechecking to University?
How to Apply for rechecking to University?

How to apply for rechecking University papers?

  • Click on “generate challan form” to download it on your device.
  • Come back to the main online portal page.
  • Fill in all the required details in the form like class, examination, roll no. etc.
  • Choose the subjects that you want to recheck.
  • Download application and print out.
    • Fill out for manually for University Sargodha.
    • Download form for Sargodha University
    • After complete submit on University postal address
  • Download application form for Punjab University.
    • Generate online fee challan and download.
    • Overseas students fee 50$ for per paper.
  • BZU application form and with Challan Download here.
  • Download Application form IUB.
    • To create an invoice, please open the IUB E-portal.
    • Enter your CNIC number, password and click sign in, create an online invoice after logging in and click.
    • Select your voucher / invoice type. Click Generate Invoice to create a challan and then download it.

AIOU rechecking paper procedure

  • Generate online fee challan on AIOU official site.
  • The AIOU procedure is very simple, you have to fill this form online and attach the scanned documents.
  • In the documents, you will need to upload a copy of the invoice form that you submitted to the bank.
  • After that, uploading the documents, click on the online application form to submit the result for accuracy and re-checking.
  • AIOU same procedure for result correction and rechecking.

Can I will pass after rechecking?

You will definitely pass if you are sure you will get those numbers. Originally Answered: What is the chance of going through re-evaluation? In reassessment, scores are increased only if the questions are almost correct and not 50-50 in re-evaluation.

Is rechecking better or not?

Is it better to re-evaluate or re-test? So the meaning is the same in all the exams ie, re-checking, which means that University will re-check the entire answer sheet. Reassessment means that the numbers will be recalculated, and all questions will be checked. If you believe your marks can be different. So it can be beneficial for you.

How to write application for rechecking papers?

You can write application according to below the given sample or same copy and editing.


Controller of examinations,
University name

Subject: Request for Re-examination of Answer Sheet

Dear Sir / Mother,

I would like to point out that I would like to re-examine my answer sheet of the (subject name) to be held in the (exam center name) on (date). So i have my doubts which I want to clear. I did not expect such numbers. Please, So, I request you to approve my request for re-checking of the paper, so that I can clear my doubts about the marking.

Please allow me to re-check the answer sheet to clear up my doubts. Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

your name?
Roll No?

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