How to Check Plagiarism For Free?

How to Check Plagiarism For Free? Checking plagiarism for free is important for many writers. But how can they do it? Checking plagiarism for free may sound like something improbable. However, it’s possible in today’s world—because of an abundance of free tools on the internet. However, not everything that’s free is good.

That’s why today, we’ll be looking at the most dependable way one can check plagiarism in their content for free. So, let’s dive right into it.

How to Check Plagiarism For Free?

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is stealing another person’s writing and claiming it as one’s own. Plagiarists can be found in all genres of writing but are most common in academic papers and online blogs. In fact, some researchers say that 1.5 billion pages on the internet have duplicated text in them.

The main reason for plagiarism is that writers might not understand the importance of citing sources and might not know how to do it properly. It is also possible that they don’t want to spend time on research or they are just lazy. However, the primary cause of plagiarism in any facet of writing include:

  • lack of research or understanding of the topic;
  • following the trends a bit too much;
  • Or downright unethical approach to stealing another writer’s content.

These are only surface-level reasons, as plagiarism’s causes are one too many to count. But, the one thing that remains unbending is the fact that plagiarism is unethical. It’s unacceptable in any writing setting, and it’s the responsibility of every writer to avoid it.

How does it happen, and why is It Harmful?

Plagiarism is often caused by the need to save time or effort. Many young students commit plagiarism because it helps them save time. However, the harm caused by it is far worse and causes problems for a long time.

However, to understand the causes of plagiarism, here are some common reasons behind plagiarism:

  • Copying and pasting words or phrases from the Internet without citing them as quotes or using quotation marks around them.
  • Using someone else’s words and passing them off as your own, even if they are only a small part of your paper.
  • Using a different author’s research methods without citing the original research.
  • Paraphrasing someone else’s work by changing some of the words but not giving credit to the original author for their ideas, such as including an entire

Now, to answer why it’s harmful? You have to understand that plagiarism is a form of intellectual theft. This means someone deliberately uses another person’s words or ideas without giving credit to the original author.

But, it is also important to note that plagiarism can be unintentional. Suppose you think you might have unintentionally plagiarized. In that case, it is worth checking with your instructor before submitting your work, as you may have accidentally included an idea from a source that you didn’t know about.

However, lest you forget to remove plagiarism from your content, then you’re bound to face the consequences in academia or the online world, such as:

  • Academic expulsion;
  • Slump in grades;
  • Lost reputation as a writer;
  • Blacklisted by Google (rare, but possible);
  • Lost reputation and credibility against your audience;
  • Lost faith in professors, teachers, etc.

These are some immediate consequences, but the thing is, plagiarism can also harm you in the long term. So, if you’re a career writer, then plagiarizing content will brand you as someone who thieves another writer’s content. That’s something you don’t want, regardless of the setting or line of work you write for.

How to Check For Plagiarism with a Web-Based Tool For Free

Now that the bulk of understanding plagiarism and its faults are out of the way let’s talk about finding it in your content. So, here’s how you can check your content for plagiarism using a web-based tool for free:

1.     Finding & Using A Dependable Free Plagiarism Checker

The first step is finding a plagiarism checker worth your time. It’s important to understand why because any plagiarism scanner that takes a lot of time and isn’t efficient at finding plagiarism isn’t right for you. That’s one of the reasons we’re using Prepostseo plagiarism checker:

We’ll tell you why you should use this tool too a little later in this article. But, for now, it’s important to understand that you need a dependable plagiarism checker that offers:

  • An extensive word limit;
  • Scanning search engines and databases;
  • Ability to compare text;
  • Percentage of plagiarized and unique text;
  • Exempting URLs, sources, etc.
  • Various upload methods.

If a plagiarism checker has all these options, then you should use that one to scan your content. But, what’s more important is that plagiarism should offer a few free searches. If it offers all the good things but isn’t free, then it’s not the right one for you. So, keep that in mind when you look for one.

2.     Scanning Content with A Plagiarism Checker

The next and only step is to scan your content with the plagiarism checker. Once again, a good plagiarism checker like PrePostSEO allows you to check by either uploading the content, copying and pasting it, or importing it from Google drive.

Once you upload and scan the content, there can be one of two cases. One, the content will be unique, and it’ll have no plagiarism. Two, it’ll have plagiarism to a specific percentage. So, here is either case for you to understand:

Unique Content

If your content is unique, then identifying it would be easy—since the tool will detect no plagiarism. So, it’ll look like this for you:

How to Check Plagiarism For Free?

As seen here, the percentage of unique content is 100%, whereas plagiarized content amounts to zero. So, if this is the case, then your content is good to go.

Plagiarized Content

If the content is plagiarized, the tool will show you exactly that. So, once the scan is done, this is what you’ll see in the results:

How to Check Plagiarism For Free?

What exactly are you looking at here?

  1. The source of the original text
  2. The percentage of plagiarism and unique content in the text

On the other hand, the scanned content also has red underlines, which indicates the 24% plagiarized sections. So, it’s easier to compare once you click it. And that’s how you can check for plagiarism for free.

Why Use PrePostSEO’s Plagiarism Checker?

PrePostSEO’s plagiarism checker is used by many people every day. It’s not only meant for one sort of writer or another; instead, it’s made for all types of writers. Regardless of the facet of writing, you can use this plagiarism checker to scan your content. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It scans 1000-words at a time;
  • It scans deeply through search engines and other databases;
  • Shows percentages of both unique and plagiarized contents;
  • Locates the source of plagiarism;
  • Allows you to compare plagiarized content against the original—making it easier to rephrase;
  • Download plagiarism report;
  • Exclude specific quotes or URLs to avoid scanning them.

These factors make it a reliable and capable plagiarism checker. On top of all that, it offers all this for free. And that’s why you need to use it to check your content for plagiarism.


These are the key things you need to know about finding plagiarism for free. Using a capable tool like this plagiarism checker from PrePostSEO is important to help you scan your content for free. So, use this tool to help you find plagiarism and remove it accordingly.