How To Increase Website Revenue In 2021?

How To Increase Website Revenue In 2021? The global economic crisis due to COVID 19 pandemic has made the entrepreneurs shift from traditional to digital structures. Several changes are observable in the business world during this situation. So in this article, we are discussing that how to Increase website revenue in 2021?.

Therefore, the B2C and B2B businesses have realized the importance of digitization. By 2025, online marketers are aiming to reach 200 million with a CAGR of 28% and a customer base of 128 million. But there are certain digital companies whose website revenues are falling drastically because of so many reasons.

It is never easy to flourish online without planned efforts. So today, we will shed light on how to increase website revenue in 2021? We have highlighted four coherent strategies to uplift the decreasing website sales of some digital entrepreneurs.

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Why Do Website Revenues Drop?

For a variety of causes, business website traffic may suddenly plummet. You can remove some of these uncertainties by understanding how web traffic works. Then, once you detect the issues successfully, you can frame what changes are needed to fix the problem. Here are some proven reasons why your website revenue may nosedive suddenly;

1. Significant Changes In The Website

Occasionally, this problem arises as a consequence of a significant change on the client’s end. They ultimately turn to us for assistance. For example, revenue can lower after site relaunches, redesigns, changes in the domain name, and migrations.

2. Traffic Source Errors

The second thing that you need to do is assess the traffic sources. If there is a single traffic source like organic search, a sharp decrease may happen. When it comes to organic search, the issue may be a previously visible page that has slid in the search rankings, although it is nonexistent now.

3. A Less Functional Website

If problems like these appear, the primary aspect you need to check with high priority is whether the website is functioning correctly. Several times, clients lose a high volume of traffic if the website is down. As a result, the revenue will automatically dip owing to a fall in traffic. 

4 Robust Strategies To Enhance Website Traffic In 2021

With the global lockdown and business failures, switching to digital mode is the only option available to entrepreneurs. But both sides of a coin can never be the same. There are both positive and negative effects in this respect.

On the one hand, it is a blessing for many businesses because they survived amidst these uncertain situations by embracing digital technology. But, oppositely, the same thing is a curse to some sectors or entities as they are enduring fatal consequences. 

A declining website revenue is one such negative result that we have taken into account today. Therefore, here are some effective solutions of how to elevate dipping website sales as soon as possible:

1. A Steady Focus On Brand Messaging

A clear brand messaging generates potential value for the target audience. Reports say that a user can evaluate your website within 15 seconds and then decide whether to come back in the future. Brand messaging is the UVP (Unique PValue Proposition) that motivates customers to avail the product or service you provide.

Here are some more additional aspects that you need to take care of while improvising brand messaging. You can concentrate on sales copy, increase the clarity of your value proposition, and include videos on the conversion pages.

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2. Work On The User Experiences Of The Websites

A well-designed and properly functioning website is all that customers look for. It can drive the highest level of user experience, which in turn would kick the website sales.  But several businesses pay less attention to web designing, which results in the biggest mistake.

A website often loses functionality due to a lack of proper website designing strategies. This is a severe situation that digital marketers need to look upon. However, by considering these key components, you can redesign or mend the loopholes in the existing design:

  • Use compelling headings
  • Place Call To Action (CTA) right
  • Optimize the website navigation

The changes that we have discussed in the previous action can bring a lot of bad luck for a well-functioning website. In these scenarios, businesses shall make sure that accurate URL redirects are in place as a component of their transition plan.

In addition to these, you can hire a  traffic specialist to help you guide with more feasible strategies in the process.

4. Implement The Live 24*7 Chat Support

In this fast-forward life, live chat is one of the most demanding communication mediums. Several statistics have found that 79% of customers prefer real-time chat because they do not want to wait for too long. Thus, by implementing a 24/7 live chat service, you can generate potential leads for your business.


Digital revenue is not as easy as it sounds. You need to input immense hard work, rational thinking, long-term vision, and perseverance to stop and turn around decreasing website sales. However, the steps mentioned above are tried and tested by the leading marketers- so why don’t you give them a try today?

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