All BISEs in PUNJAB BOARDS SSC & HSSC RESULT will not announce matriculation on September 14, 2020. But inter-results on September 17. Results are now expecting to announce from September 30 to October 7. The Board of Directors of the Chairman Board will finalize the decision after this approval. From the Chief Minister
Matriculation and Inter Result 2020 are delays due to the non-provision of practice marks.

The Chairman Board Committee sought approval from the Punjab Higher Education Commission regarding the formula of Practical Marks. However, the commission has not responded to the issue till September 12, due to which is practical marks of the students cannot be calculated.
Therefore, in the absence of practical signs, it has become almost impossible to announce the results on September 14. After the approval of PHEC, the practical numbers will be calculated, and the data will be fed into the computer.
The Punjab Boards Committee will finalize the date of announcement of Matriculation (SSC) and Inter Result 2020 after the approval of the Chairman Chief Minister.

Therefore, the results can announce at any date. So PUNJAB BOARDS SSC & HSSC RESULT 2020 DELAYED. The Chief Minister has convened a cabinet meeting on Monday, September 14. The date for the announcement of the results is also on the cabinet meeting agenda, and if approved, the results will announce in next week.
We will update the confirmation date notification to keep in touch with us.
Source: Daily Express
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