Best SIIT Thailand Scholarships 2020

SIIT Thailand Scholarships 2020 announce. Three Master University, Thailand Serendipity International Institute of Technology (SIIT), is offering scholarships for international students in Engineering, Technology, and Administration for the following students.

  • Master Best Foreign Students for Master / Doctoral Degree (EFS)
  • EFS-U for Bachelor Degree

Below is the application deadline:

Coverage for Scholarships 2020

  • SI Full SIIT tuition and tuition support fees (full thesis support), excluding:
    • TU Matriculation Fee (600 baht)
    • TU Educational Support Fee (800 BHT [TU through IT Services] + 55 BHT [Group Insurance Fee) per semester)
  • Matriculation TU fee will be deducted once from the first payment of housing allowance. The TU Education Support Fee will deduct from the housing allowance payment for the first month of each regular semester.
  • Per 10,000 residential allowances per month.”
  • Trip round trip economy travel costs, actual route to and from Thailand, the actual cost of the recipient’s home country, maximum meter 20,000 baht/student
  • Cel Miscellaneous expenses such as visa fees, and airport. Actual costs of taxes, etc., but not more than 10,000.
  • Thailand Health and accident insurance during the stipend period in Thailand

Eligibility SIIT Thailand Scholarships 2020

  • Strong Two strong letters of recommendation At least one letter of recommendation from an educational instructor/counselor must come.
  • Must not have Thai nationality.
  • Good health and good manners.
  • Also, academic Excellent academic record <20% of the class in priority level
  • Should not be the recipient of any other type of stipend.
  • The Scholarship Continuity Terms:
  • Maintain an overall GPA of not less than 3.25 with no -F, U, NP, or WW grade.
  • Scholarship recipients must also pass all credits entered each semester and meet all degree requirements within the stipulated time by the rules and regulations.
  • Master Make good progress in master’s/doctoral dissertation and also, report progress every semester.
  • Assist in working 30 hours per semester at the institute, mainly protecting exams for 24 hours and focusing on laboratory surveillance or tuition courses for 6 hours.
SIIT Thailand Scholarships 2020