Ten (10) best ways to improve the English language

Ten (10) best ways to improve the English language. English is an international medium of communication. It is a need of an hour to learn how to develop the four core skills of English. English is treated as a second and foreign language. Many people wanted to be fluent in it. A non-native person can’t learn it in seconds. Here are the ten best and helpful ways to improve English. Ten (10) best ways to improve the English language are as follows.

1. Speaking:

Speaking is one of the core skills in language learning. The more speakers, the more haste will be fluent. However, it is not an easy task, but you need to do it. Hundreds of people share their experiences of how they get fluent through speaking drills. Speaking acts as fuel in the engine of fluency. Do speak in front of the mirror; it helps you to control your uneasy feelings while speaking. The mirror always proves itself as the best guide. So, go with it. Speak English with your family, friends, and anyone else.

2. Listening:

 Listening is directly proportional to speaking. The more you listen; it guides you to fluent in speaking. It gives you new vocabulary words and, most importantly, a specific accent. Listening somehow affects your unconscious. For instance, you are listening to something in English while doing something. The speech is unconsciously going to your unconscious.

After persistent listening, you will get fluency in English as you always ON the light by looking at the circuit board. What happens? Because it is in your unconscious and your body parts do it habitually.

3. Reading:

Reading is all about opening gates to new worlds. Also Reading as a fundamental skill in any language opens the doors for the left three skills. Read whatever you want, and you have. English novels play a very vital role in improvement. We will categorize them into levels of learners

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Novels for beginners:               

 Novel reading enhances your English skill and helps you analyze things critically. Beginners should choose short-lengthen novels. Lengthy novels might make them bore. Language should be easy to understand. Here are some recommended novels for beginners:

  • The curious incident of the dog in the night
  • The older man and the sea
  •  Empty world
  •  The kite runner
  •  Thousand splendid suns
  •  The reluctant fundamentalist
  •  God of small things
  • The little prince
  • Kafka
  • Al-chemist

Novels for intermediate:

  • The fault in our stars
  •  Swallows and amazon
  •  The notebook
  •  Wuthering heights
  •  Lord of flies
  •  Heart of darkness
  •  Gone girl
  •  Leaving time
  •  Three
  • To the lighthouse

  Novels for higher level:

  • The magic of the thinking big
  • The intelligent investor
  • The power of now
  • Think and grow rich
  •  Zero to one
  •  The richest man in Babylon
  •  Crushing it
  •  Secret
  •  Outliers
  •  The 4-hour workweek

4. Writing:

 Writing is the hydrogen of all skills. It assists you to fly more rapidly in the sky of improvement. In addition, Whatever you read in a day, you need to write it in your own words. Writing gives you three benefits.

  • It makes your arguments more clear.
  • Writing assuages you to memories what you read in a day.
  • It guides you to improve your writing expression.

So, make a habit of writing daily for some time. Try to write at the same time daily. You should write at least one page and more according to your capacity. Writing allows you to recall past knowledge whenever you want to.

5. Taking tests:

This world is full of tests every day for everyone. Then why should we not go for tests to improve our English? Might the learner take a test him/her? You can go to some academy for that. You and your friend or team of friends can be scoured in this. Moreover, If you are not comfortable online tests aid you in this matter. You can adopt some websites online, or many apps are there too.

6. Watching shows:

Earth is the busiest planet. Nobody has the time to read. So, people love to watch the shows while doing some work. A man loves to watch shows after office. Also, Women watch shows after doing jobs and house chores. Names of some amazing shows are given below: 

7. Newspaper reading:

A newspaper is a collection of pages, which have the world on it. It gives you the reach to daily news. The newspaper provides you with a new vocabulary. Moreover, Editorials in newspapers make our arguments more clear and strong. It grants us the ability to look at different dimensions of life. Some famous newspapers are given below for your assistance:

  • The times
  • The tribune
  • Dawn

8. Think in English:

Thinking is the booster in language learning and improvement. Thinking serves very much in learning a second language. Many people across the world learn the English language as a second language. So, thinking awards us the energy and confidence to speak. The most important drill in language acquiring is thinking. For instance, after reading, you need to close your eyes and start thinking. Thinking is the path that is straight towards success in improvement.

9. Read aloud:

Reading aloud plays a very significant role in improving the English language. Reading aloud works as you listen to something. Listening is one of the most used skills in everyday life.

  • Speaking=30%
  • Listening=45%
  • Reading=16%
  • Writing=9%

Every person used it more to describe his/her feelings. It also improves your accent in the English language.

10. Connect to new people:

 Connection to new people is very important. Dealing with natives always proves beneficial. As SCOTT HEIFERMAN said:

“If you can connect people, you can create the future.”

There are some apps to connect with natives of the English language:


Ten (10) best ways to improve the English language and English improvement is only needed your dedication and hard work. Do follow the aforementioned best steps to be perfect in the English language. All four core skills are important; work on all. It takes time; what you must do is to be patient. Could you not take it as a burden? Practice the skills the whole day, and you will see the result in the coming six months. Have believe in you and start from now.