why our Education System Mental and Spiritual Wellness

why our Education System Mental and Spiritual Wellness Our current education system values only physical health apart from academics. This gives rise to an apathetic generation that gets involved in bullying, violence, and other vices. There’s a rise in crime committed by young adults. Crimes are so heinous for a child to commit that it taints their soul forever. We see that young adults have been maturing prematurely, but they still lack mental maturity. We find so many teens who find themselves suffering from depression.

Sometimes, they even commit suicide, there’s poor sense of purpose and ethics in many young kids. We see this in all areas of life, kids who end up dating multiple partners without any commitment. Kids who don’t just consume drugs but even participate in the illegal supply chain of its peddling. There are countless examples. Kids are no longer innocent; in fact, they are quite vulnerable because of the hormonal activity in their bodies.

Mental health is quite important for kids. There’s a poor sense of self in today’s young generation.
They find external validation by bullying others or abusing their mates. The education system must
address this because it doesn’t there’s no other societal system that can affect our psyche like

why our Education System Mental and Spiritual Wellness Additionally, spiritually aware kids end up being a notch higher than other kids. They possess a calm demeanor and excellent concentration levels. They have also been observed to have a high sense of ethics and ambition which ties into some sort of life purpose. This batch of kids are not directionless and their efforts unlike other kids, are focused on a specific purpose that they strive to achieve.

Rising Competition and Propaganda

As we notice, the world is ruled by large corporates who command the industry. Corporations like
Amazon has the financial power to destroy countries, and what is the easiest way to destroy a
country then cripple its industries using highly competitive prices. Young kids who are growing up
need to understand the industry and the huge misinformation that can misguide them. For instance,

many coaches and motivational speakers who are trending over the internet speak of Hard work is
the key to success. However, the labor class does the most toiling yet they are the most underpaid
section of the society.

Poor sense of Self

Kids are taught everything about the world, how atoms function and how babies are born, and even
how to behave, there are dedicated fields of study that teach children about the facts of the world.
However, there’s no field that allows for introspection, that teaches them about themselves. Many
people speak to the voice inside their head and think that is their inner voice. However, that is in fact
the ego in most cases, the real inner voice is quite faint. Through more focus on behavioral science,
psychology, and philosophy in the early education years, kids can develop a strong sense of self in
their formative years

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Lack of Purpose

All kids dream of becoming something: doctor, detective, scientist, businessman, artist, and movie
start. As life takes over, the dreams change and they work for money. The dreams are dumped and
cash is chased instead. There’s no real purpose, apart from earning money. Even dreams are a
means to earn more money. That is when the life purpose becomes wasted and conscience starts to
make you do things that you do not wish to, that is exactly why we must inculcate these fields of
education to help in a more holistic development for our younger folks.

Our education system must support the holistic development of students, kids need to learn and
practice spirituality. We need a generation that is more in tune with their inner nature. A generation
that can access higher levels of consciousness to unlock deeper learning of academic concepts and
bridge the link between conscious and subconscious brain to boost memory.

Intelligence isn’t limited to just cognitive abilities but also problem-solving, emotional intelligence, and developing the
power of reasoning. We realize that common sense is so rare today, that the word common sense is frankly misplaced in its context. As young adults who enter a world that has already been conquered by an older generation and its outdated set of rules, can they really leave their mark by only using common sense?

In fact, there are so many life skills that the education system fails to include and this is one of the next
levels of education we need to work on. These are the people who make up our future generation.
We must be mindful of whether we are spoiling a generation just by making life too easy for them.