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How To Create Your Own Post On Our Site Free

  • Type your Full Name in given below article form.
  • Also Type your correct and valid e-mail address.
  • Give a Suitable Post title.
  • Give suitable post tag with comma. this is optional if u want for keyword so can write. or if you use any keyword paid tool.
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  • Type your post/content/article.
  • Upload post Image. you can Upload one or more image but don’t copy from any other website.
  • Click on submit post here online or you can E-mail on [email protected] with document complete file.
  • Therefore, Your personal Data will not be publish, only can see admin of site.
  • if u have any issue submitting the post can contact with us .

Eligibility Criteria for publish article free ?

1- General guidelines

Keep your articles professional and respectable to readers. If published, your article will be read by highly engaged marketing professionals who will add something new to their work instead of wasting their precious time on another piece of text with opinions, water, and basic statements. And want to find useful.

  • Post must be education related, all topic provided in this page below.
  • Post or article must be own writing. copy paste is not allow. So Should be 100% Unique.
  • Don’t re-submit as same post, or any other website/blog before our response such as reject or accept.
  • Type your personal full name otherwise problem will during payment. (your name will not publish with article)
  • Therefore, we will not publish your post if you don’t perform all criteria .

2- Require Topic for write article

  1. Technology (tech, computer, internet, make money, youtube etc.)
  2. Also Blogging (digital marketing, SEO, SMM, blogging, social media, etc.)
  3. Education Such as (school, college, University, Courses, Learn tutorial, Schedule, jobs , Scholarships, Education Opportunities etc.) (We suggested )

3- Content Requirements

  • The minimum size of an article is 500 to 3000 words.
  • Articles must have at least 1 image. it not copy from google.
  • I reserve the right to edit your article In particular (mostly for spelling, grammar and formatting) and choose the post that I like best for my blog and audience.
  • Maximum use Transition words.
  • Write in small paragraph and also short sentence.
  • Also flesch score should be maximum. (What is flesch or how to use )
  • Consecutive sentence should be minimum.
  • Passive voice should be use maximum.
  • Title should be short and suitable with your content.
  • Similarly, should be some sub-heading and this suitable or related with your title.
  • Must be subheading distribution and clear your topic/meaning and writing.
  • Everyone can also write in Urdu Language but rate will different.

4- We do not accept

  • Content / images previously published on the Internet and on your site, so please submit your original content.
  • To submit only on above given method on ICMS. I will review and reply in 10 working days.
  • If we think there is still room for improvement in your article, we will send you our suggestions.
  • Copy Content from any website/blog.
  • Spun Content are not accept and we will block spinner.

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Note: If anyone sent or submit copy/spam content/image, so we will reject and permanently block from website.

Out Team will approve your article in 24 to 48 hours if according to our requirement otherwise only inform.

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