How can I download Instagram videos to my phone?

How can I download Instagram videos to my phone? Some Instagram videos are just too good to watch once. But if you want to download Instagram video to watch later, you may face some problems.

Sure, you can save videos in the app. But it won’t work if you want to use them in a marketing deck, add them to a superkit, or watch without an internet connection. As long as you respect the creators and don’t pass off their work as your own, downloading and sharing videos is a generally accepted practice. But this is also incredibly difficult to do.

Let’s start with saving an Instagram video to your phone’s camera roll. Whether you’re using an iPhone, Android, or another modern smart device, there are many different ways to save Instagram videos. Once they’re there, you can also airdrop or email them to a computer.

Download Instagram videos manually

You can’t screenshot a video, but your smartphone can record the screen.

You have to manually enable screen recording in your Quick Settings on both iPhone and Android devices. Once there, you can just swipe up on your quick menu, hit record and let the video play.

Follow these steps 

It’s all very simple, but there are some tips to ensure a clean capture:

Set your volume: Recording video means you’ll have to play the whole thing while recording your phone’s entire screen. This means that everything you do on your phone will be captured on video. Unless you want to pretend you’re cranking the song, set your volume before recording.

Do not disturb: Even if you’ve perfected your settings, there’s nothing worse than an unexpected pop-up. Receiving an embarrassing text from your mom or an angry notification from DuoLingo will cause part of the clip to fade out. To keep your interface clean, briefly enter “Do Not Disturb” mode, which will stop notifications.

Clip and crop. Whether you’re using it in a more professional context or just keeping it for yourself, go ahead and trim the unnecessary information. No one likes a video that starts with a “screen recording” popup and ends on your Instagram homepage. And trust us, they don’t want to know how your phone’s battery is or what carrier you use. Once you’ve recorded your video, use your phone to crop and trim the file to keep the focus on the original content.

Watch and watch again: Screen recording is an imperfect method, so there are potentially many other things that can go wrong. Watch the video before, during, and after recording to make sure you captured it correctly.

Download Instagram videos Using an app

If you don’t want to bother with screen recordings or websites, your best bet is the App Store. But some apps are more reliable than others. Luckily, we’ve put together a breakdown of four of the best apps for downloading Instagram videos to your phone.

If you want to download Instagram videos through a third-party app, you should use one of these.

Note: As always, before downloading software to your phone, make sure you’re happy with the app’s security policy and terms and conditions.

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