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We are providing like Admissions ( from HEC Approved Universities) & consultancy (Education Related) and Learning (Online Tutorial) platform all over the Pakistan from 2016. We are also providing many Short & Long courses with certificate.

 I-   BA/ADA                                                        II-  BSc/BCS/ADS 

III-   B.com/ADC                                               IV-   MA all Subjects     

V-   MSc/MIT/MCS                                        VI-   B.Ed 1.5(After Master)

VII-  B.Ed 2.5 (After Bachelor)                     VIII-   M.Ed                     

IX-   Computer Diploma                            X-   More Many Courses

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Our Features

ICMS College has  combined sections for girls and boys, has been proven to be the best in academics. There are more than 2,000 students and 200 faculty members. However, the students proudly says that the best learn from ICMS at home or during  job and get Degree from well reputed universities.

I-   Free Lecture All over Pakistan. 

II-   Free Consultancy. 

III-   Free many opportunities. 

IV- Free Notes/Syllabus. 

V- Free Support 24th hrs.

VI. Free Online Quiz LMS 

VII- Free Learn for Earn 

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