Latest 27 websites that pay $300 to $1000+ per article 2021

Latest 27 websites that pay $300 to $1000+ per article 2021 fully detail are published. You can make money online free through writing service. Dear writer, Here are our latest calls for pitches and magazines from editors and publishers. So all publishers on this list pay up to $ 300 to $1000+ per article and often more.

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Latest 27 websites list that pay $300 to $1000+ per article 2021 given below ;

1- The Anne Magazine

Anne Magazine is a regional magazine covering WatanShaw Country, covering Anne Arbor, Michigan. They pay $1,000 for center subjects. In addition, they want “features of hard-written news about Washington County or trends from a culture. Or also, Washington Now perspective.” Read their submission guidelines to learn more.

2- The Earth Island Journal

The Earth Island Journal is a quarterly magazine that deals with the environment and current affairs. They pay 25 cents per word. According to their guidelines, 4,000-word depth feature pays $750 to $ 1,000. So, to learn more about submissions, be sure to read the full submission guidelines.

3- The Scrap

Scrap is a trade journal of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries. They are published bi-monthly. He represents nearly 1,300 companies across the United States and also, aims to provide practical information to help scrap professionals succeed in their business. They reportedly pay between $600 to $1,000. However, For more information, visit their website. Editorial contact information is available.

4- Cruising World publisher

Cruising World publishes articles directly on ship travel, sailboat chartering, cruise destinations, and also gear. Their guidelines are not freelance-friendly. For example, they say that you should offer the article exclusively to them. But do not give a specific time to expect a response. They pay from $25 to $ 1,000 per article. Read their submission guidelines to learn more.

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5- The Planning

Planning: People who contribute to this publication. They will write about urban, suburban, rural, or small town planning. Organized by the American Planning Organization. Planning news can focus on projects such as neighborhood rehabilitation, community planning, and more. So the Authors can expect to pay between $ 100 and $ 1,000 for successful submissions. See the help guide to learn more.

6- Kit Plains Magazine

The Kit Plains Magazine is an aerospace magazine made from kits and amateurs. They accept construction techniques at all stages of aircraft construction. From basic design to flight trials, wood, metal, and composite. So the partnerships are mostly made by aircraft manufacturers and experts in the field. They also review products and services related to amateur-made and cut aircraft. Short, focused technical articles are always welcome. Ask questions first. Word Count: About 2,000 for key features, non-specific for others. Salary: $ 250- $ 1000 Details here.

7- Oregon Humanities Magazine

Oregon Humanities Magazine is a triangular publication that “connects Oregon residents with ideas that change lives and also change societies.” He publishes works exclusively by creators based in Oregon. They prefer the full draft but also accept questions and suggestions. For small online pieces, they range from $200 to Pay $300. They pay from &500 to $ 1,000 for personal articles and features. Apply

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8- The FusionAuth

FusionAuth is a customer identification and juice management (CIAM) solution. He is “looking for giants to write tutorial publications that feature fusion out code and angular, python, reels, nodes, and also, more.” According to previous versions of their site, they pay $500 to $1,000 or more for a post. learn more,

9- Priceonomics

Priceonomics calls itself “Data Studio.” They use data analysis and data insights to dive deeper into a diverse range of topics. They pay anywhere from $250 to $1,000 per article. Therefore, to learn more, read their submission guidelines.

10- Road Trippers Magazine

Road Trippers Magazine “Celebrates Road Culture, America, and Great Outdoors.” They are always looking for new helpers to tell stories from the streets of North America. Although, they are currently only accepting pitches focused on the United States and Canada. They usually pay between $250 and $ 1,000 depending on the word count. So Please find out more in this tweet and on their submissions guide page.

11- The Bridal Guide Magazine

The Bridal Guide Magazine offers everything you need for a wedding planner. They offer the latest wedding trends, registry tips, honeymoon information, original wedding photos, beauty tips, and also much more. According to a payment report, he paid $1,000 for the $2,000-word story. Contact them here..

12- Truly Adventures

Truly Adventures is a digital magazine that publishes long-form stories by established and powerful non-fiction authors. Regarding his published stories, he says: “Unlike most magazines. We have no topical mandate, and they can be no less careless in pursuing the news cycle. Amazing authors inspire us. We’ve published a lot of crime and real-life horror that we love. But we’re also talking about wild adventures, cultures of confrontation, demonic mysteries, and immovable heroes. I also publish stories. According to their editor, payments will start with a revenue collection model in addition to $1,000. Send your strips to the team. Please find out more about them here.

13- The epic publisher

The epic publishes extraordinary true stories. His “writers travel the world in search of encounters with unknown individuals. Wartime romance, unexpected rescue, detective, gentleman thief, and love kills killers: stories that revive They typically pay $1 to $2 per word. According to their deputy editor, most of their stories are at least 5,000 to 6,000 words long. Submit Story on this page.

14- Enemy Magazine

Enemy Magazine is a print magazine that focuses on the abuse of power throughout the deserts of the United States and also the news desert. According to their founder, they pay $1 per word. So, Send the patch to or Check out their website here.

15- The Fuller Project

The Fuller Project is a global nonprofit newsroom reporting on women in the United States and abroad. They raise awareness, expose injustices and encourage accountability. In addition, they are always looking for stories on issues that affect women in the United States and worldwide. According to payment reports, they pay 1 per word. So, If you interesting, send your pitch to For more information, refer to their guidebook.

16- The deputy editor

The deputy editor of Meredith Corporation’s cross-brand finance desk for Real Simple, Parents, also, Health, etc., is looking for pitches about IVF costs. BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+ writers are encouraged to pitch. Pay is $200 to $300. Pitches should be sent to

17- The Chicago Reader

The Chicago Reader is Chicago’s largest weekly newspaper. Their culture editor always adapts to Chicago-related arts and culture pitches (reported features, critiques, profiles, etc.). Also, they are inspired by POC and LGBTQ + writers. They pay $75 to $400 per piece (250 to 4,000 words). So, If interested, email your pitches to Read their Culture Editor’s tweets and their important guidelines here.

18- Highsnobiety

Highsnobiety is a blog, website, and magazine featuring stories and trends in design, fashion, music, art, and culture. So, his style editor is “looking for product / trend based freelance pitches on styling and grooming (hair / skincare).” Prices start at around $250. If interested, email your pitches to Although, For details, refer to their style editor’s Twitter thread. For more information about them, refer to this page.

19- Artsy

Artsy is a platform for collecting and discovering art. He is releasing a series of personal essays by AAPI authors on artworks/artists that shed light on AAPI’s identity until the month of Asian American Heritage in May. They will pay $300 for $1000 words. So, send the bandages to To find out more, refer to their fellow editor’s Twitter thread. To contact them, visit this page.

20- Splice Blog

Splice Blog features stories, hints, lessons, and insights from the music industry and beyond. He has the opportunity to be a paid author for pieces related to music, the music industry, and some cultural commentary. He is “interested in hearing from a large number of women, non-binary, and BIPOC writers” but is open to all. They will pay $ 400 per piece. The word count is flexible but will range from 1,200 to 2,000 words. If interested, To learn more, refer to Twitter, this Twitter thread. To read the blog, visit this page. more jobs

21- The Guardian

The Guardian is a British news and media website. They are asking for stories about the environment. She wants to hear stories about the impact of our species on the environment. Rate $310 words for every 1000 words. So, If interested, send your pitch to In addition, to learn more, refer to this Twitter thread and their freelance charter.

22- The root

At its root is “all the leaders who work for Tulsa.” They accept the pitch for leaders. Although, they pay $ 300 per guide (approximately 1,000 to 1000 words and 10 to 15 location details). So, If interested, send your pitch to Read his tweet here and learn more about him.

The Latest 27 websites that pay $300 to $1000+ per article 2021 and also, many more others online jobs.

23- The news station

The news station is a national weekly covering the fight against drugs, prison and criminal justice reform, CBD, health and wellness, culture, politics, and more. They are looking for weird stories. Regarding their rates, their managing editor tweeted: “My interns get $ 75 for short pieces describing new science/research, then about $ 150 for a piece of researched news or $200 for features, then we can usually get $250 for daily, non-breaking news pieces, and though $300 too though $400 for features though, if interested. Email them at To learn more, see their tweets and style guide, and journalistic standards. To contact them, visit this page.

24- Real Simple

Real Simple is a magazine and website that makes life easier by providing smart and realistic solutions. They are not promoting their “Mama’s Retirement Coverage.” So, If you have a “story / resource in which people with a real-life retirement story” or “Millennials / General Z-Specific Points” can learn, send your patches to They will pay $200 to $300 pay. For more information about them and to contact them, visit this page.

25- The Virge

The Virge is a website that “covers the ways in which technology and science are changing our lifestyles.” His newly appointed entertainment editor is looking for a story about sports, movies, TV, and also, comedians. They usually charge 7 750 per news story (1,500 to 2,000 words). Patches should be sent to In addition, Read their Entertainment Editor’s Twitter thread and their guide to learning more.

26-Business Insider

The Business Insider is a website that covers business, financial, and also, technology-related news. Although, his commissioning editor is looking for stories about “finance about – hedge funds, private equity, and what’s happening in big banks.” Payment reports indicate that they pay up to $0.35 per word. So, Patches should be emailed to Learn how to write for them.

27- The Momus

Momus is an art publication and podcast that emphasizes the “return of art criticism.” So His associate editor is accepting pitches on a rolling basis. They pay around $400 for 600 to 1,200-word reviews or 1,500 to 2,000-word features. So if you interesting, email your pitches to and cc Read their associate editor’s Twitter thread here.

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